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Board Experience & Achievements


Since 2013, Rose has been a champion for Lane County students

What are the most critical parts of an ESD board member's job?


Assuring the quality of programs for all students

Providing equitable opportunities for historically underserved students


Strengthening services for students and their families

Being a steward of public money and public trust.

In these areas, Rose led or joined state and local teams to serve students and local schools by:

  • Working with the Oregon School Boards Association Board and the Oregon Senate and House of Representatives to pass the Student Success Act - the biggest investment in public education in decades - and then hiring a local coordinator and re-opening advisor to support the Act’s implementation.

  • More than doubling the college credit and career and technical education courses offered in the county since 2013.

  • Joining the Lane School Student Leadership class in their team-building Ropes Course adventure. 

  • Completing the full training recommended by the Oregon School Boards Association, including the six-month Leadership Oregon intensive training course, for which she received a Platinum Award of the OSBA Leadership Institute, including the 6 month Leadership Oregon intensive training.

  • Joining School Board Members for Reproductive Health to promote comprehensive age-appropriate health education and services to all students in Oregon schools.

  • Hiring Superintendent Tony Scurto, whose excellence is recognized statewide.

  • Serving as Chair of the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts (OAESD) and founding the first ever Equity and Racial Justice Task Force of OAESD. 

  • Bringing together Lane County K-12 and ESD School Board Members to deepen collaboration and understanding of equity policies and programs.

  • Winning a Defending Democracy Fellowship with the Western States Center, and completing a six-month program into learning how to promote the pillars of our democracy, including free and comprehensive education for all.  

  • Writing and presenting to other Oregon School Board members an original toolkit, “An Oregon School Board Member’s Guide to Resisting White Nationalism, Uprooting Racism, and Changing the World.”

  • Engaging with students served in our program for blind students at the Braille Breakfast club in local restaurants.

  • Developing state and federal advocacy goals and lobbying legislators in Salem and Washington, D.C., to fund local schools and services for students with disabilities.

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